Monday, October 9, 2006
Full-Day Seminar, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe

Building and Managing a Successful User Experience Team

Sarah Bloomer, Sarah Bloomer & Co & Susan Wolfe, Different

Are you challenged with building a user experience (UX) team within your organization? Would you like to manage your current team's efforts more efficiently? Is your team struggling to get support and buy-in from your organization?

Most organizations understand the need for experience design efforts, yet they still struggle with how to best incorporate the UX team into the development process. For example:

  • A usability manager at a major insurance company is constantly battling upper management because they don’t realize what the intranet users are going through. She’d like to learn how to identify and communicate the value of UX practices and usability to her organization's stakeholders.
  • An MIS analyst at a small mid-western university has been chartered with making the university's web site the best it can be. Having never thought about usability before, she now has to conduct her first tests and make the results relevant to the dozens of stakeholders.

To deal with these critical issues, Sarah Bloomer and Susan Wolfe, two premier User Experience experts, have put together a fabulous seminar designed explicitly to help designers, usability professionals, and information architects make their UX practices a success.

You will learn effective strategies for building and managing a user experience team, including:

  • The most successful strategies for selling User Experience practices within your organization. You will learn key techniques for proving the value of a UX team and finding allies and supporters within your organization.
  • How to analyze your organization to determine the best approach for setting up a UX team and identify potential pitfalls. Sarah and Susan will share a proven step by step approach for conducting an analysis aimed at finding the most effective approach for your organization.
  • Key tactics and techniques utilized by organizations that have successfully incorporated UX practices into their development process. You will learn the effective practices currently utilized by organizations such as Fidelity Investments, Staples, and The MathWorks.
  • How to approach the challenges of building a UX team. Susan and Sarah will share tips for hiring and managing team members, and promoting your team within the organization.
  • The most effective methods for structuring your UX team. You will learn how to grow your UX team and gather the necessary information to determine whether your team should be centralized or not.
  • How to find and communicate the value of usability to different audiences, from internal users to senior management. You will learn how to communicate the ROI of UX practices, frame your message to catch the attention of your stakeholders, and communicate your team's successes.
  • Successful techniques for disseminating results. You'll come away with the practical techniques for communicating information within your organization, including Personas and Design Patterns.

This seminar has plenty of discussion time built in – it's critical to ensure you can adapt these new strategies to your own practice. You'll have the opportunity to describe your biggest issues and have complete access to Susan and Sarah's years of expertise.

This seminar is appropriate for any member of the development team tasked with making the UX practices successful, including web designers, usability professionals, information architects, and project managers. It's appropriate for members of multi-person UX teams as well as independent consultants.

Through a series of presentations, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises, you'll come away with the practical techniques to ensure your user experience team's success within your organization.

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