Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Full-Day Seminar, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Nathan Shedroff

Making Meaning: Creating an Engaging User Experience

Nathan Shedroff

Do you want to create better experiences for your users? Do you need to help your clients and companies create better customer relationships? Do you want to play a more strategic role in your firm or with your clients? The most important and powerful factor for your users is to create meaningful experiences for them.

Designers are constantly struggling with how to create web sites that have emotional impact, moving beyond technical proficiency and usability. That’s why we’ve invited, Nathan Shedroff, author of the book Experience Design 1, to present a new process for developing web sites that take into account rich interactions such as user emotions, personality, attention, and meaning. Nathan asserts that in order to create web sites with emotional impact, designers need a clear understanding of their users’ context, experiences, and social issues.

In his research, Nathan has uncovered six dimensions to experiences, meaning being the most powerful. Successful experiences are those that appropriately excel in all of these dimensions. He has spent years examining what factors contribute to important and special experiences for users both online and offline. In this information-packed, full-day seminar, Nathan will share these key factors with you. He will cover some innovative processes that can be used throughout the development process to help create interfaces that respond to people on a more intimate, human level. Get a jump on your competition by understanding your users to the most important level possible.

You will get a solid overview of the newest experience design methodologies, and have a chance to put them into practice, allowing you to build more robust, human solutions that are efficient and perform well. Over the day, you will:

  1. Learn how to identify meaning in your customers and users and articulate these to your colleagues. Nathan will provide an overview of a proven, in-depth methodology that covers the major issues and concerns related to creating successful user experiences online.
  2. Learn how to position meaning in the development process and “sell” it to colleagues as a way to participate in strategic decision-making. Nathan will discuss how to integrate meaning into development processes and how to articulate its value to senior managers, integrating them so that all user/customer development is driven from the same sources of inspiration and understanding. While Meaning is a new perspective and criteria, it integrates easily into established development processes, in particular, ethnographic research.
  3. Understand why meaning is often the missing piece that makes innovation fail in companies and online experiences. Understand the mechanism for why you deeply love or care about many products, services, and experiences (or don’t), and how these different from others’ connections.

Nathan will demonstrate what it takes to create amazing experiences that are sure to delight users, and more importantly, get them to tell others about their experience. He will share his extensive knowledge based on in-depth research he’s conducted over the years. You’ll also participate in interactive exercises that will show you what it really takes to create a successful site.

Who is this seminar for?

  • Designers and Developers charged with creating functionality and experiences that help users accomplish their goals –and accomplish the site’s goals.
  • Information architects who define a site’s structure and navigation and must choreograph the user experience to guide users towards desired actions.
  • Project managers who want to understand what it really means to deliver a site that offers users a rich experiences
  • Usability professionals who want to go beyond creating a usable site
  • Consultants who advise companies on product and service strategy and those developers who want to develop a more strategic relationships with their clients or the managers in their companies.

In addition to the entertaining lecture and interactive exercises, you will receive a detailed seminar notes booklet, including all of the slides, a bibliography, and relevant articles that Nathan has written.

If you need to learn what it takes to create successful User Experiences, you’ll have to attend this seminar.