UI12 Early Registration Gift: A Limited-Edition iPod video

It's sleek. It's black. It sports a slick UI12 logo. And it's yours when you register by May 15th.

Apple iPod videoThat's right. If you register for all 4 days of the conference by May 15th, you will receive this incredible gift. This is not something you see everyday. Sure, you could go into the store and buy an iPod video. But you wouldn't get to come to such a cool conference and it wouldn't be a slick limited-edition UI12 iPod video.

A Special Gift for UI12 Attendees

As a special gift for those of you who sign up early, we wanted something that would have grace and show off excellence in design. What better choice than an iPod video?

This limited-edition UI12 iPod video has all the features you’ve come to expect from an Apple iPod: it’s a gorgeous black, it can store 7,500 songs on an internal 30GB hard drive, it syncs with both Mac and Windows computers, and its built-in battery will last up to 14 hours between charges. But what makes it special is the fancy engraved UI12 logo on the back. Apple will manufacture only a limited number of these special iPods and you’ll have one of them.

Receiving Your Limited-Edition UI12 iPod video

To receive your limited-edition UI12 iPod video, all you need to do is register for all four days of the conference by May 15th. You'll be the envy of your entire office when this fine piece arrives.