Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Full-day Seminar, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Cameron Moll

Designing Elegant CSS Interfaces

Cameron Moll, LDS Church

Is your team striving to create both usable and visually appealing designs with CSS? Would you like to create elegant interfaces that incorporate proven graphic design, human computing, and visual communication principles? Do you want to learn the best practices for markup and advanced CSS techniques?

To help you deal with these types of challenges, we've turned to Cameron Moll, an expert web developer and graphic designer. In response, Cameron has created a fantastic seminar designed to teach designers and developers the effective ways to design sites and applications that endure the rigors of development, content management, and translation teams.

Throughout the day, Cameron will share best practices for building, refining, and polishing beautiful designs. You'll learn:

  • Discernible differences between good design and great design, and more importantly, between good and great user experiences
  • Advanced approaches for using CSS for your layout needs and ways to avoid common markup mistakes
  • The latest XHTML and CSS techniques for reducing the markup needed to code an interface and for reducing image maintenance (buttons, charts, boxes) site-wide
  • Interface essentials such as navigation schemes, color usage, dashboards, grids, and Fitts' Law, and how to utilize these principles when designing interfaces
  • The key interface essentials for designing navigation schemes, dashboards, and grids
  • How to take advantage of the now-supported CSS2 and CSS3 properties previously ignored by IE 7, including min/max width, child and adjacent sibling selectors, and alpha transparancy in PNG images

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is perfect for Web Designers responsible for the design and markup of sites and applications, Interaction Designers responsible for the user experience and usability of an interface, and Web Developers responsible for integrating coded prototypes with scripting, back-end technologies, and CMS. You should have:

  • Experience with (X)HTML and CSS (novice at least)
  • Experience building and deploying either "brochureware" sites or web applications
  • An insatiable desire to always be improving user experience

In addition to hearing all of the great insights from Cameron, you will receive a detailed seminar notes booklet.

In this full-day seminar, you will come away with the best practices for building, refining, and polishing beautiful designs.

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