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Stories From Past UI Conference Attendees

Find out why these talented designers, information architects, and usability professionals decided to attend the UI Conference.

Brett Buzzatto, Senior Content Specialist at LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, Had a Reinvigorating Experience at the UI Conference

Tracy Dew

Brett is responsible for creating, developing, and implementing any and all content that appears on the Martindale-Hubbell sites, as well as overseeing their Content Management System.

Has the UI Conference impacted your day-to-day work?
The seminars definitely helped me through the various stages of our ongoing redesign project. The sessions helped me notice specific development issues for my organization to pay attention to during usability testing for the new site.

The UI Conference was a reinvigorating experience for me -- I had the chance to be around so many people of similar professional interests. I telecommute for work, so there isn't anyone for me to "talk shop" with on a day-to-day basis.

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Tracy Dew Helped AdoptUsKids.org Conduct Their First Usability Tests

Brett Buzzatto

Tracy works at AdoptUsKids.org, an online tool that connects children with foster and adoptive families. Based on her experiences at UI12, Tracey helped AdoptUsKids.com conduct their first usability tests.

What did you want to learn from the UI Conference?
I hoped to better understand UI techniques so I could incorporate usability testing into our site's development and maintenance cycle. The conference offered several sessions that focused on usability testing. I'm finding it very exciting and fulfilling that's we're now conducting our first usability tests at AdoptUsKids.

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Fidelity.com's Eleri Dixon Sends Her Staff Members to the UI Conference

Eleri Dixon

Eleri was the head of Usability for all of Fidelity's customer-facing products. In her new position as the Vice President of Customer Experience, she focuses on what makes an optimum experience for all of our customers on all of our online sites and applications.

How does the UI Conference help to prepare your staff for their work?
The UI Conference speakers offer valuable experience. Our employees need to be educated on topics related to web design and usability. Not all of my employees actively participate in usability testing, but they need to be aware of all of the concepts covered at the event and stay abreast of the new developments relating to improving customer experience.

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The Standard Insurance's Roger Edwards Has Attended the UI Conference Four Years in a Row

Roger Edwards

Roger focuses on the administration of the Standard's web analytics tools and the interpretation of the Web Trends reports. He also consults on the usability testing of The Standard's web sites.

What have you found most valuable about the UI Conference?
The seminars are very practical. They cover a lot of the conceptual areas of web design, but they also offer practical tips and techniques.

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DeWayne Purdy Prioritizes Usability Testing at UNI.edu

DeWayne Purdy

DeWayne is responsible for the design and maintenance of the University of Northern Iowa's university site. His staff includes visual designers, web designers, and developers.

How has the UI Conference impacted your work on the UNI site?
Based on what I learned from the UI Conference, I focused much more attention on making the UNI web site easier to manage and more efficient. We've created an environment of continuous testing at UNI. I have tried to prioritize usability testing and usability research within our university, helping us to learn more about how our users interact with the UNI web site.

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Cross Country Healthcare's Maria Rubio Learns to Promote User Experience Practices

Jeremy Keith

Maria Rubio works to match healthcare professionals to jobs throughout the country. She started at Cross Country Healthcare as a Web Designer and more recently moved into a User Experience Architect position. The User Experience team evaluates the usability of Cross Country Healthcare's web application portal sites.

What was the most valuable part of the conference?
One of my biggest challenges is how to communicate the value of User Experience (UX) practices and the work I do. In my current position at work, people often think of me as a Web Designer and they don't really understand what I do as a UX Architect. The conference sessions helped teach me how to take advantage of User Experience techniques, such as usability testing and interaction design methods, to better demonstrate the impact UX has on the success of our web application portal sites.

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Susan Saeger Redesigned the Information Architecture of Kodak.com's Consumer Photography Space


Susan was tasked with redesigning the information architecture of kodak.com's consumer photography space. Their objective was to be more action-oriented and "e-commerce friendly."

What were the highlights of the UI Conference for you?
I found many areas of the UI Conference to be inspirational. The event gives me time to focus on updating my knowledge of industry trends in a collaborative environment. I've found networking with like-minded individuals to be a great way to make connections with valuable contractors. It was an added bonus that I had a chance to meet many individuals I quoted in my thesis work.

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Sitewire's Rich Spinabella Reduced His Team's Development Time

Rich Spinabella

Rich focuses on the user experience, particularly in the area of conversion. He helps define requirements with clients, develop the personas for the project, and design the site and page layouts.

What key UI Conference learnings have you incorporated back in your office?
At the three UI Conferences I've attended, I took back great ideas and concepts that I've shared with my colleagues. For example, after attending Luke Wroblewski's seminar, I worked the content into a training series for the development of staff. By sharing this information with other staff members, I freed up at least 20-30 programming hours and dramatically reduced the cycle time on projects.

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SeaChange International's Jody Zolli Attends the UI Conference to Learn the Latest Usability Research and Techniques

Jody Zolli

Jody works for SeaChange International, a leading provider of software applications and integrated solutions for the television and on-demand industries. Her main responsibility is technical writing, but she's very involved in usability testing.

You've attended more than five UI Conferences. What keeps you coming back?
At the conference, I'm surrounded by gifted practitioners and participate in so many different conversations with people about their work. There are numerous take-aways from these conversations that I can use in my job. I also find the latest user experience and user-centered design research very enlightening.

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