Susan Saeger

Susan Saeger Redesigned the Information Architecture of's Consumer Photography Space

Susan Saeger
Senior Information Architect and Usability Engineer, Kodak

Attended UI12

What challenges were you hoping to tackle last year?
I was tasked with redesigning the information architecture of's consumer photography space. Our objective was to be more action-oriented and "e-commerce friendly." At UI12, I attended Gerry McGovern's seminar on Task-Based Information Architecture, and it provided me with the education and tools I needed to complete the task. 

What were the highlights of the UI Conference for you?
I found many areas of the UI Conference to be inspirational. The event gives me time to focus on updating my knowledge of industry trends in a collaborative environment. I've found networking with like-minded individuals to be a great way to make connections with valuable contractors. It was an added bonus that I had a chance to meet many individuals I quoted in my thesis work.

Who would you recommend attend the conference?
For experienced people, the conference is an excellent refresher to hear about new trends and ideas. The conference is also a great place to discuss your challenges with others. I found it reassuring that the UI issues I face are common problems with my peers.