Samantha LeVan

Samantha LeVan Leaves the Conference with a Sense of Renewal about Her Work

Samantha LeVan
Lead User Experience Analyst, Supervalu

Attended UI13

Samantha works for Supervalu, a leader in the grocery retaling industry combining expertise in grocery retail and supply chain operations.

What is your role at Supervalu?
I'm the lead user experience analyst for consumer-facing web products, driving research on the overall experience, usability, and task-time analysis. As part of a very small, but incredibly talented team working at a giant organization, my role includes evangelizing user experience and driving more projects to utilize our services.

What key UI Conference take-aways have you incorporated back in your office?
There are two that stand-out right away for me. The first is pushing harder to make room in the schedule for user research. Even if a given project does not formally include my work, I still make time in my own schedule to gather feedback. I've also started using the Five Second Tests that I learned about at UI13 as a way to gain stakeholder buy-in. When they see such an abundance of feedback in a very short time, stakeholders become quite excited and want to learn more about user research.

Who would benefit from attending the UI Conference ?
I believe that anyone working in product development can benefit from attending this conference. Itís an appropriate conference for UX professionals, marketing, product managers, developers, and quality assurance engineers. The conference will help these groups better work together and get a clearer vision of what each function actually does. Companies with less exposure to user experience research can benefit by understanding the need for UX and learning a few simple techniques to try, even if they don't have a usability team on staff.