Jody Zolli

SeaChange International's Jody Zolli Attends the UI Conference to Learn the Latest Usability Research and Techniques

Jody Zolli
Principal Technical Writer, SeaChange International

Attended UI2001East, UI7, UI8, UI9, UI10, and UI12

Jody Zolli works for SeaChange International, a leading provider of software applications and integrated solutions for the television and on-demand industries.

What is your role at SeaChange International?
My main responsibility is technical writing, but I help with the usability testing here as often as possible. In 2001, I first introduced usability testing for a product I was responsible for documenting. From that point on, we have incorporated testing on a regular basis. 

You've attended more than five UI Conferences. What keeps you coming back?
At the conference, I'm surrounded by gifted practitioners and participate in so many different conversations with people about their work. There are numerous take-aways from these conversations that I can use in my job.  I also find the latest user experience and user-centered design research very enlightening.

What learnings from the UI Conference have you put into practice?
I have conducted usability tests on products with customers. For many of the products I document, I also participate in our audience analysis and introduce use cases into the design process. I recently participated in a home visit to help develop personas.  Though I do not perform usability activities every day, I now have the ability to participate in all aspects of SeaChange's usability work.