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Conference Proceedings

Missed attending UI14? You can still hear all the speakers and get PDFs of their presentations with the proceedings disc. Past conference attendees have told us the proceedings are one of their biggest take-aways. We take great care working with each speaker to design extremely valuable materials.

Contents: In the complete set, you'll receive a disc that includes 9 books with hundreds of pages of insight and expertise. You will get:

  • In-depth presentation slides for each of the 8 full-day seminars from our world-renowned speakers, plus process diagrams, book excerpts, in-depth methodology descriptions, relevant articles, and bibliographies
  • Handouts from all eight 90-minute Featured Talks by the conference speakers, plus Jared M. Spool's keynote address
  • Audio recordings of all the 90-minute presentations plus Jared's keynote (at this time we are unable to link the recording wih the presentation).

Hear a sample of Leah Buley's Featured Talk, How to be a User Experience Team of One.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to order conference proceedings.

How to Order:

  • If you can't attend the conference: You can still benefit by purchasing a disc of the User Interface 14 proceedings for just $225. (Additional shipping & handling cost: US: $10.00, Outside U.S: $35.00). We will send the proceedings to you following the conference in early December. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the proceedings.
  • Purchase the complete set.

If you are attending UI14, you will automatically receive the disc as part of the conference materials.