UI15 OnDemand Details

With UI15 OnDemand your whole organization can have a UX toolkit at its fingertips. Everyone within your organization will have unlimited access to this toolkit. Whether you refer to it for a quick reference or you schedule a group meeting to hear one of the talks, it’s always available to you and your team, whenever you need it.

UI15 OnDemand contains over 11 hours of audio presentations in the areas of visual design, design and corporate culture, content strategy, designing for mobile, personas, communicating design, design styles, and UX libraries. You’re guaranteed to bring your design skills to a new level with the knowledge and insights of the 9 UX experts from User Interface 15 Conference.

Are you lacking a team to help flush out design ideas? Do you have trouble conveying your designs to your team or a group within your organization? Are you having difficulty to engage others to get more passionate and involved in the design process? Does your corporate culture under appreciate the role design plays?

These 4 talks will help you address those problems:

How to be a User Experience Team of One
with Leah Buley
Leah Buley

Achieve the benefits of team thinking by adapting the methods of a larger user experience group but as a team of one. Learn more about Leah’s talk.

Plus Leah’s presentation slides and materials from her full-day workshop Good Design Faster: New Techniques for Creative Ideas is sure to provide you information to get your design ideas flowing.

“Excellent presentation. Very useful content. Delivered an energetic, engaging presentation. Thanks for the inspiration.”

—Attendee feedback

Gamestorming with Dave Gray
Dave Gray

Use games to overcome conflict and to engage others to get more passionate and involved in your design process. Learn more about Dave’s talk.

Plus Dave’s sketches from his full-day workshop Visual Thinking for User Experience will show you how simple sketching techniques are powerful tools for communicating your design’s rationale.

“Dave was good at engaging the audience. He kept the information light and easy to understand for sharing. Great topic and a dynamic speaker.”

—Attendee feedback

Getting Design into the Corporate DNA
with Kim Goodwin
Kim Goodwin

Turn your skills in understanding human motivation towards changing how your organization thinks about design. Learn more about Kim’s talk.

Plus Kim’s presentation slides and workshop materials from her full-day workshop Designing with Scenarios: Putting Personas to Work will help you convey the importance of scenarios within the corporate culture.

“Probably the most useful info I’ve received so far. Exactly what I came to this conference to get.”

—Attendee feedback

Anatomy of a Design Decision with Jared Spool
Jared Spool

Jared will take you on a entertaining and stimulating journey though the different styles of decision making. It’ll change the way you think about the decisions you make and the designs you create. Learn more about Jared’s talk.

“Loved every second. Explained the process that many of us go through mentally every day. Extremely well done and with plenty of humor.”

—Attendee feedback

Do you find yourself recreating design elements that you use over and over? Have you made significant changes to your designs after usability testing? Are your designs creating a poor user experience when used on mobile devices?

These 3 talks will help you address those problems:

How to Create a UX Library with Nathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis

Learn the four sequential phases for building a UX library, who should own the library, and what costs to expect. Learn more about Nathan’s talk.

Plus Nathan’s presentation slides on his full-day workshop Standards, Reuse, Consistency, & Libraries will guide you on how techniques to quickly identify reusable components and build up a library.

“One of the best seminars of the conference so far, perhaps because it was so relevant to my current job focus. Very actionable.”

—Attendee feedback

Hands on Prototyping with HTML & CSS with Dan Rubin
Dan Rubin

Usability testing and design are often separate processes—but it doesn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming, either. Learn more about Dan’s talk.

Plus Dan’s presentation slides from his full-day workshop Visual Design Essentials for Non-Designers will show you how to overcome the mystique of good visual design with solid techniques.

“I love this solution, so simple and uses skills designers have readily available as well as saving time and money making testing easier and effective.”

—Attendee feedback

Why You Should Design for Mobile First with Luke Wroblewski
Luke Wroblewski

Designing for mobile first provides new opportunities for growth and it can lead to a better overall user experience for a web site or application. Learn more about Luke’s talk.

Plus Luke’s presentation slides from his full-day workshop, Web Form Design and Beyond, filled with great examples and information for effective web form design.

“I came in knowing I should be designing for mobile first but left understanding why and seeing how it can help me reach other goals.”

—Attendee feedback

Are there too many hands involved with your web site’s content? Do you lack a focus on who you’re designing for? Have you tried tying your designs to personas with little success?

These 2 talks will help you address those problems:

Message and Medium: Better Content by Design with Kristina Halvorson
Kristina Halvorson

Designing for multi-channel content delivery creates a new set of considerations and challenges. Use a content strategy to organize your content and ensure it’s impact. Learn more about Kristina’s talk.

Plus Kristina’s presentation slides and materials from her full-day workshop Everything You Need to Create a Content Strategy will help you bring order to your content chaos.

“Funny and fantastic. A great presenter and very informative. Thank you Kristina!”

—Attendee feedback

The Secrets to Developing Successful Personas with Tamara Adlin
Tamara Adlin

Learn what makes personas effective and what you should avoid when creating and using them. Learn more about Tamara’s talk.

Plus Tamara and Vanessa Fox’s presentation slides from their full-day workshop, Getting Them There and Keeping Them There, showing you how SEO can be tied into effective persona development.

“This was great. New insights into the whole persona process. Can’t wait for the audio to share with colleagues.”

—Attendee feedback

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