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Bill Scott portrait

Designing Rich Interactive Experiences This workshop is sold out!

Bill Scott, Netflix | November 7 | 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Create engaging experiences for your users. Learn the latest interaction capabilities, like multi-touch, transitions, animations, and gestures.

Bill’s Full-Day Workshop Agenda


Designing for interactivity and flow

  • How to take advantage of pages and panels to break up information
  • When to divide or consolidate your design’s IA to achieve intuitive flows
  • Which interactive patterns work best and which anti-patterns to avoid

The physicality of direct inputs

  • How touch, tap, and hold contribute to a design of “interesting moments”
  • Pros and cons of a content-driven UI versus data- and control-driven
  • Benefits of reducing the number of ways to interact with your app


Responsiveness, animation, and transitions

  • Why the “cut-in-half rule” and “cheesiness effect” improve animations
  • Techniques to reduce sluggishness, distractions, and information confusion
  • Ways to build responsive interactions for both web and devices

Seeing your design from concept through production

  • How pattern libraries help designers and engineers communicate
  • What data Netflix captures, researches, and uses to make its decisions
  • Strategies to unify discussions without tons of design documentation

Design Rich Interactions

It takes creative problem-solving and a bit of magic to make interactions feel simple. Take a deep dive with Bill into the intricacies of making your designs flow seamlessly.

Build Your Interactive Toolbox

Create compelling interactions that facilitate engagement, even if you’re just starting out. Get the basics about how your IA needs to adapt to be truly interactive.

Discover What Works Best

Help decision-makers prioritize the most meaningful interactions by identifying relevant engagement data. Eliminate or iterate on what’s distracting users.

Designing Rational Experiences

Bill will draw on his years of experience at Netflix and Yahoo! to help you design delightful interactive moments. He’ll illustrate why constraints are a vital component to great interactive experiences, so be prepared to change the way you approach design.

Bill will teach you to create nuanced experiences using workhorse design patterns like auto-complete, calendar pickers, drag-and-drop modules, ratings, and pagination. Plus, you’ll find out which anti-patterns to avoid.

Find out how to make responsive designs with elegant animations and transitions. Then, hear how to translate those experiences from the web to other platforms without introducing performance hurdles like sluggishness or compatibility issues.

Finally, using Netflix as his case study, Bill will identify which quantitative and qualitative data to use when evolving your designs before and after launch. Plus, he’ll describe why design patterns and principles are better as a shared language than as enforcement.

You’ll see how to:

  • Build smart user interfaces that are driven by content, controls, or data.
  • Break up IA while achieving seamless flows and intuitive interactivity.
  • Improve animations by focusing on what can be simplified rather than added.
  • Create meaningful experiences by using standard design patterns in elegant ways.
  • Amuse and warn your teams with a slate of anti-patterns from your toolbox.
  • Ensure your design vision transitions through engineering and into production.

Bill Scott, Interactive Cowpoke

Bill Scott portrait

By regularly using terms like “wrestle” and “wrangle,” Bill Scott could be mistaken for a cowboy. And perhaps there’s some truth to that; after all, he’s not only from Texas, but he’s known for herding an ever-changing landscape of platform constraints to create meaningful experiences for millions of users at Netflix.

Bill has an eagle-eye focus on creating subtle, nuanced interactions that delight users. While an experience designer leader at Yahoo!, he championed the practice of using patterns in interactive design.

In a mesmerizing peek behind the curtain, Bill will describe how the Netflix team uses in-depth metrics to iterate on its interactions, and you’ll get insights to improve your own designs. His candid nature is just one reason why his workshop consistently has been rated “outstanding” by past UI conference attendees. So get ready … you’re about to get detailed execution techniques to bolster your design toolbox and strategies to develop your authority on interactive design.

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Designing for Mice and Men

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 8:30 - 10:30

Tour the latest interaction design patterns and idioms that are emerging across your users’ range of devices. You’ll explore the key design principles and the best practices for crafting rich experiences.

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