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Brandon Schauer portrait

Good Design Faster This workshop is sold out!

Brandon Schauer, Adaptive Path | November 9 | 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Bring out innovative design ideas in record time, using a collaborative process of sketching and refinement.

Brandon’s Full-Day Workshop Agenda


Fast design fundamentals, from sketching to prototypes

  • How to design fast without sacrificing quality
  • Which tools facilitate quick designs and collaborative decision-making
  • Brainstorming techniques to move beyond traditional business territories

Embracing constraints to overcome challenges early

  • How to design creative interactions that also meet business goals
  • Reasons to sketch with purpose, embrace iterations, and put the user first
  • Benefits of using wireframes to capture vital interaction goals early


Integrating fast design into existing teams and processes

  • Tips to make fast design work inside your company
  • The economics of a traditional versus fast design
  • How companies are capitalizing on fast design

Making ideas tangible to get approvals quickly

  • How to make a 2-page sketch replace a 120-page document
  • Techniques to master iterative design (and deliver visual ideas now)
  • Strategies to tackle challenges that will facilitate quick approvals

Make Decisions Faster

Embracing constraints may not always be fun, but ignoring them never works. Prevent endless tweaks with fast design that actually facilitates quick feedback and approvals.

Unite Territorial Teams

Creativity can come from anyone. Becoming a champion of collaborative brainstorming can make you a leader of smart, effective design that invigorates teams.

Design with Purpose

Marathon meetings and endless pixel-pushing help no one. Re-orient your designs to prioritize business and user goals — not to achieve visual “perfection.”

Design Faster … Starting Right *Now*

Jump into good design faster by learning to manage expectations using shared visual media. With Brandon’s guidance, you’ll use tools like Sketch Boards to communicate goals tangibly, then identify and convey risk using black-hat critiques.

Knowing how to marry strategy and design means you’ll be better equipped to capture nuanced interactions early. Brandon will show you how to use wireframes for defining key interactions that can optimize the user experience and support business needs.

Fast sketching, prototyping, and flow definition can be energizing, enlightening efforts — especially when others join the creative problem-solving. Experience the benefits of collaborative design using the input of people you’ve just met.

Ever heard of TelePictionary? Hoo-boy, you’re about to! Brandon will teach you how drawing games can help to yield instant approvals from the higher-ups. Soon enough, you’ll be a master of low-fidelity techniques that net high-impact results.

You’ll see how to:

  • Liberate yourself (and your team) from seemingly endless design processes.
  • Iterate quickly on constructive input to achieve approvals faster and earlier.
  • Create more meaningful designs by starting with low-fidelity visuals.
  • Hear “no” as an opportunity to learn and strengthen your work.
  • Build a good design fast toolbox complete with sketch boards and templates.
  • Lead effective design processes that invigorate creative teams.

Brandon Schauer, Change Agent

Brandon Schauer portrait

Brandon Schauer is one of those unique people who fuses design with strategy. And given his extraordinary work directing San Francisco-based Adaptive Path, co-authoring the book “Subject to Change,” and playing a primary role in introducing us to Sketch Boarding, it’s almost surreal that he’s such an approachable fellow.

But he is (approachable, that is), which makes him a fan favorite when it comes to interactive workshops like ours. And we’re thrilled to have him, because Brandon is truly a pioneer of creating designs that meet the needs of customers.

The day will fly by when you attend this workshop—and not just because Brandon’s touting fast design. His enthusiasm in communicating progressive ideas is matched by the ease of his delivery, and you’ll leave feeling eager to apply vigorous new design methods that truly solve customer challenges.

Podcasts from Brandon:

  • Getting to Good Design, Faster 27:52