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Designing with Scenarios

Kim Goodwin | November 9 | 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Capture your team’s knowledge about your users’ needs and create compelling stories that drive a realistic and thorough design process, from start to finish.

Kim’s Full-Day Workshop Agenda


Overview of Scenarios and Personas

  • The whats, whys, and whens of scenarios
  • How personas fit in to scenario-driven design
  • The scenario’s relationship to use cases and Agile user stories

Creating Effective Scenarios

  • Methods for choosing what scenarios you’ll develop
  • A character-driven design approach to tell your users’ stories
  • The benefits from using solution-agnostic descriptions


Putting Your Scenarios to Work

  • How personas’ human qualities help identify important requirements
  • Secrets to pinpointing critical design implications
  • Scenario strategies for cross-channel and multi-platform experiences

Turning Scenarios into Great Designs

  • Quick techniques for exploring design solutions
  • How to push past the first idea to uncover innovative approaches
  • Scenario-driven sketching using quick iterations for idea refinement

Move Beyond Analysis Paralysis

Escape the travesty of the blank whiteboard. Reveal important requirements early and establish a framework for prioritizing what we want to build.

Make Our Designs Persuasive

We can surface the value of our great ideas when we match them up to compelling user stories. Move beyond abstract feature lists to what our users really want and need.

Stop Feature Creep and Design Debates

Get to the right solution by doing what we designers do best: solving real-world problems. Use our scenarios to focus our discussion, separating out the weird edge cases from normal usage.

Drive Your Design with a Proven Technique

It’s the way a design touches the users that makes it great. Kim will show you how to focus your team and persuade your stakeholders, using the power of storytelling that you get from clear scenarios. Get to the details that matter.

When you understand the problem, solutions become much easier. You’ll see how scenarios can drive your early sketches, delivering clear insights on new and innovative design ideas. Discover how your project can start on a foundation that meets the users’ needs.

Scenarios are the tool that keeps on giving. You’ll see how scenarios provide guidance to every step of the design process, from research through QA. Kim’s techniques for eliciting design requirements will delight your inner project manager. (And your external one too!)

Design is a team sport — when everyone’s on the same page, great things happen. Kim’s a master at getting teams to work together on producing a design that delights users and meets the needs of the business. Start energizing your design process immediately.

You’ll see how to:

  • Get to a common view of your problems, letting scenarios drive your thinking.
  • Apply scenarios to cross-channel design, using stories to describe the experience.
  • Slip scenario techniques naturally into your existing design process.
  • Drive the vision of your design by breaking the problem into small pieces.
  • Tie research data directly to the solutions you create.
  • Visualize your solutions with rich, accessible stories and sketches.

Kim Goodwin, Process Maven

Kim Goodwin portrait

When you first meet Kim, you instantly see there’s something more than what’s on the surface. Ask her any question and you instantly get deep, thoughtful insights that come from her years of experience working on the toughest designs.

We first met Kim when she was running the training and consulting practices at Cooper, one of the leading agencies in great design. She had a large role in crafting their Goal-Directed design process, which brought users into the center of their client’s most challenging projects.

Kim’s scenario-driven design workshop was a favorite of last year’s User Interface Conference. We couldn’t wait to bring it back, and she has new and improved content to share with you. Right after the conference, dozens of attendees wrote in to tell us they’d put it to work immediately. Kim’s thoughtful approach to design process made it possible for them, which is exactly what she’ll do for you.

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Experience Leadership

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 4:00 - 5:30

What makes a great UX leader? Understand the skill set that UX leaders need and how to develop your team’s talent.

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