Critical skills you need to enhance your UX designs

UI17 OnDemand brings you the skills you need to keep up with the latest tools, techniques, and processes to deliver the best user experience possible.

Explore 13 hours of video and audio recordings from the inspiring 90-minute talks and all the session materials
and presentations.

  • Becoming a masterful change agent within your organization
  • Keeping your content flexible regardless of the devices being used for viewing
  • Improving how you collect, deliver and receive critique
  • Transitioning from first-person interfaces to a more immersive UI experience
  • Understanding the role links play on your website
  • Designing for emotional impact and user delight
  • Running more effective meetings, resulting in better insights and cohesive teams
  • Using HTML prototyping and sketching to communicate
    more effectively
  • Incorporating progressive enhancement to design adaptive, multi-device experiences

UI17 OnDemand Preview – Jared Spool discusses how links bring life to your site

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