Leading Collaborative Critiques and Design Studios

Organize energizing workshops that rally teams to explore designs and achieve the best possible results. Make energizing critiques a mainstay of your process.

Adam Connor Aaron Irizarry

Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry

November 5,

Learn how to give, receive, and facilitate helpful feedback

Explore ideas quicker using rapid-fire sketching techniques


Structure design studios to engage everyone in problem-solving

Build team consensus to identify and prioritize design solutions

You’ll Discover How Awesome Design Discussions Can Be

Get useful feedback

To understand where to focus your design energies, you need data that’s informed by users, stakeholders, and standards. Learn how to orient feedback loops toward action.

Shift the conversation

Design feedback from others can be annoying, but you don’t always have to run defense. Break the cycle of frustration and stalemates by jump-starting more positive discussions.

Unify project teams

If your organization could use a bridge-builder within its design effort, why not it be you? Keep projects from floundering under “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome.

4 Practical Takeaways from Adam & Aaron’s Workshop

The rules of critique
Everybody has to understand that we’re not problem-solving.

How to execute a productive design studio
Follow a proven framework that goes from ideation to consensus-building.

Tools for dealing with difficult people and situations
Each critique is a dialogue. Have healthier conversations, even with curmudgeons.

Enviable facilitation skills
Great critiques and collaboration take planning, consideration, and practice.

This workshop includes pre-homework and 3+ hands-on exercises

Before the workshop, choose a personal project you’d like critiqued. During the workshop, you’ll split into teams to actively critique each other’s personal projects using the principles and techniques discussed throughout the day. Be prepared to sketch and write, too!

You’ll see how to:

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Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry, Critique Masters


If you heard their podcast with UIE, then you know the full story on how Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry became partners in crime for critiques and design studios. You could also get the scoop on Discussing Design, the new blog this dynamic duo launched to share what they know about leading hearty design reviews that don’t end in tears.

Adam is a designer focused on digital projects at Mad*Pow. He’s a great illustrator and prolific blogger. He also participated recently in a UIE virtual seminar.

Aaron is an experience designer for Hewlett-Packard and nGen Works. Perhaps you heard him talk recently at IA Summit, WebVisions (with Adam), or the UX SpeakEasy conference.

Regardless, as a designer, you simply can’t afford to miss this workshop.

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