Using UX Research to End the Opinion Wars Sold Out!

Analyze your user research with in-depth techniques that engage teams. Get proven methods to facilitate collaboration and make data-driven decisions.

Dana Chisnell

Dana Chisnell

November 7,

Generating objective insights from user data

Eliciting cross-team input effectively


Get everyone on the same page about group priorities

Capturing outcomes that are meaningful to everyone

Learn Consensus-Building Techniques Your Team Will Love

Get Insights About Your Users from Persona Studios

Walk into a team meeting and ask, “What do we really know about our users today and what do they need to move forward?” You’ll learn to elicit answers using data-driven synthesis techniques.

Prioritize Faster with KJ Analysis

End the opinion wars by focusing on the items that everyone on the team agrees are important. In just an hour, you’ll facilitate group discussions, even with large, multi-opinionated groups, that build consensus through brainstorming and voting.

Tie Data to Design Directions

Armed with user data, you’ll gather opinions and ideas. You’ll use The Rolling Issues List, Persona Studio, and KJ Analysis to strategically move from observation to direction.

4 Practical Takeaways from Dana’s Workshop

No more fear about the complexity of research
Data analysis isn’t mysterious. Empower your team using interactive
research activities.

Zero time spent waiting for data analysis
Go from a data gathering phase to immediate action on your designs
with confidence.

Collaborative research without the fluff
Swap lengthy reports for outcome-focused briefs with team-driven recommendations.

Bring teams to a common ground and equal understanding
Stop skipping steps that invite comments and start achieving
consensus faster.

This workshop includes 3+ hands-on exercises

You’ll work individually and in groups to model users’ attributes, collect observations, and come to consensus on issues. You’ll also do a prioritization exercise that involves reviewing observations, brainstorming, weighing evidence, and generating design direction as a team.

You’ll see how to:

Dana Chisnell, UX Data Guru


You might’ve heard the buzz around Dana’s Kickstarter campaign to redesign ballots — a serious usability issue that’s plagued campaign credibility in the past.

But what you might not know is that her love of usability testing started in 1983, when she participated in research on a mainframe office system developed by IBM.

Since then, as founder of UsabilityWorks, Dana has gathered and analyzed user data to inform product designs for clients like Yahoo!, Intuit, AARP, Wells Fargo, E*TRADE, and Sun Microsystems.

Dana’s deep expertise is complemented by her approachable demeanor — her workshops are known for being highly interactive, learning intensive, and seriously fun. If you’re looking for guidance with usability testing and user research, then check out her book, “Handbook of Usability Testing,” or read the prolific writings in her blog.

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