Leading Epically Productive Meetings

Learn how empathy, trust, and positive collaboration contribute to effective design meetings — from kick-ass kick-offs through post-launch reviews.

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman

November 7,

Making your meetings effective

Designing interactive meetings


Facilitating productive meetings

Persuading others through effective presentations

Your Meetings Are About To Become More Productive

Discover Great Innovations Earlier

“It’s too late” should never stop a great idea. Understand the problems your’re solving early enough and have an Aha! moment while you can still bake it into the design.

Great Ideas Come from Unlikely People

Everyone brings unique perspectives and insights. Use innovative, collaborative techniques to integrate others’ contributions into the design — and build something fantastic.

Facilitate from a Basis of Empathy

The outcome of a great meeting: your entire team, on the same page, heading in the same direction. Achieve this consistently by learning to communicate from a position of empathy.

4 Practical Takeaways from Kevin’s Workshop

Faster design ideas and requirements definition
Turn your meetings into productive workshops that help to create a leaner
UX process.

Quicker problem resolution
Master collaborative decision-making techniques that bring your team to
quick consensus.

Data-driven decisions over opinions
Use practical mathematical methods and decision tables to identify key
success factors.

Persuasive discussion techniques
Kevin will help you refine your presentation skills and learn to facilitate
positive dialogue.

You’ll see how to:

This workshop includes 5+ hands-on exercises

You’ll work individually and in groups to build meeting agendas, identify key project relationships, facilitate discussions, capture ideas quickly, and make decisions as a group. You’ll then practice presenting your design ideas in compelling new ways.

Kevin Hoffman
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Kick Ass Kickoff Meetings

Kevin Hoffman, Meeting Ringmaster


Kevin Hoffman’s workshop at UI16 was among the highest-rated we’ve ever seen — and not just because of his incredible knowledge and skill on running energizing, productive meetings.

His approachable, humorous delivery and practical techniques consistently make him a fan favorite at our conferences; to have him back for UI17 makes us do cartwheels.

Kevin is an independent UX consultant, writer, and speaker whose career accolades include redesigns for Harvard, The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Zappos. He formerly worked as the director of user experience for Happy Cog, one of the most well-respected web design firms in the country.

In his work, Kevin employs kickoff meetings to establish a baseline energy, commitment, and culture that teams carry through the entire project. You’ll hang on every word as he digs into these proven activities, and we know you’ll be entertained and engaged for the entire day.

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