Using Scenarios to Design Intuitive Experiences Sold Out!

Map your user’s journey, then create scenarios that identify and resolve core design problems. Build effective, user-driven experiences for our multi-device world.

Kim Goodwin

Kim Goodwin

November 5,

Getting started with scenario-driven design

Creating great designs that work across all channels and platforms


Using scenarios to define your design strategy

Applying scenarios to drive design at all levels

You’ll Plan For The Unknown, And Prioritize What You Know

Move Beyond Analysis Paralysis

Escape the travesty of the blank whiteboard. Reveal important requirements early and establish a framework for prioritizing what you want to build.

Infuse Your Design Process with UX

Take an important break from defining features that fit into a sprint. Take a fresh (and fast) look at the overall experience to make sure it’s coherent and engaging.

Stop Feature Creep and Design Debates

Get to the right solution by doing what we designers do best: solving real-world problems. Use scenarios to focus discussions and separate weird edge-cases from normal usage.

4 Practical Takeaways from Kim’s Workshop

More powerful, compelling designs
Kim will show you how the flow and emotion of a good story translates to better UX design.

Quicker design solutions
Use scenarios to inform your early sketches and provide design insights about
users’ needs.

Progressive design processes
Kim’s techniques for eliciting UX requirements will delight your inner
project manager.

Multi-channel team collaboration
Get colleagues to talk openly, solve problems, and design cross-device
experiences together.

You’ll see how to:

This workshop includes 3+ hands-on exercises

You’ll work individually and in small groups to create scenarios and sketch from them. You’ll be focused on designing cohesive multi-channel experiences — which means you should be prepared to get your hands dirty with service-level scenarios, too!

Kim Goodwin
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Kim Goodwin, Process Maven


Ask Kim any question and you’ll instantly get deep, thoughtful insights that come from her years of experience working on the toughest designs imaginable. (Seriously, try it!)

We first met Kim when she was running the training and consulting practices at Cooper, one of the leading agencies in great design. She played a significant role in crafting their Goal-Directed design process, which brought users into the center of their clients’ most challenging projects.

Her scenario-driven design workshop was a favorite of last year’s User Interface Conference, so we couldn’t wait to bring her back. In fact, weeks after the conference, dozens of attendees told us they were now using scenarios every day.

Kim’s thoughtful approach to design process made it possible for them, and it’s exactly what she’ll do for you, too.

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