Designing Mobile to Multi-Device Experiences - Sold Out

Sharpen your mobile web design skills and extend them to build powerful, multi-device web experiences. Get your entire team on board, too.

Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski

November 5,

Selling mobile’s unique landscape: Native apps or mobile web?

Framing your design to embrace mobile web constraints


Understanding mobile actions and inputs

Dealing with multiple devices amid constant change

Get Ready To Build Your Mobile Toolbox!

Expand your Mobileview

Don’t fall behind on all the mobile design trends, changes, and capabilities happening today. Develop a strategy to create a cohesive experience across multiple platforms.

Expand Your Design Skills

Flex your creative muscles beyond the desktop. Capitalize on the unique capabilities afforded by the mobile web and multi-device interactions.

Expand Your Influence

Organizations experience major business and marketing benefits when they go mobile. Get the talking points you’ll need to guide strategic design within your own team.

4 Practical Takeaways from Luke’s Workshop

Powerful experiences for mobile websites and apps
Take a deep dive into the trends, data, and devices that your organization
must know about.

Higher levels of engagement
Become an expert on “mobile first” and change the way you choose core functionality for users.

Designs that span devices—and time, too
Use today’’s HTML and CSS standards to design fluid, flexible, and
responsive experiences.

Interfaces that feel natural to the user
Embrace the wonderful world of gestures to master “Future Friendly” mobile
design techniques.

You’ll see how to:

This workshop includes 2 group exercises

Under Luke’s guide, you’ll sketch your design ideas and brainstorm how they can be applied to multi-device experiences. Plus, you’ll break up into small teams to discuss how concepts learned during the workshop can strengthen your design ideas.

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Luke Wroblewski, Mobile Mobilizer


Luke Wroblewski may need no introduction since he’s the most well-respected, active, and gracious mobile designer on Earth, but we’ll do one anyway.

In his sought-after and consistently sold-out workshops, Luke champions the notion of “mobile design first” to attendees hungry for his domain expertise. He even used this approach to launch his own startup, Bagcheck. (Twitter acquired Bagcheck nine months later.)

Luke is the author of Mobile First, which includes topics you’ll learn in this workshop. He also wrote Web Form Design and Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability, both focusing on the intersection of product and customer experiences across media.

Past attendees rate Luke as a top speaker; they appreciate his frank perspectives on everything from global trends in mobile to detailed implementation techniques. So prepare yourself to hear an informed, balanced approach to designing for mobile and beyond from the best teacher in our industry. Luke is also a prolific writer. You can find his posts at lukew.com

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