Prototyping with Basic HTML to Communicate Design

Excite your team and clients by demonstrating your ideas through interactive designs. Get the sketching techniques and HTML and CSS coding tips you can start using today.

Nathan Curtis

Nathan Curtis

November 7,

Orient team discussions around lightweight prototype interactions

Master high-fidelity prototyping techniques using HTML


Dig into vital UX details while keeping the big picture in view

Maximize reusability with practical templates and design libraries

You’ll Move Quickly From Sketches To Code

Break designs into parts

Before you can solve problems, you first have to study their individual components. Use tools that help your team develop — and communicate — a shared understanding of design issues.

See the power of sketching

Whether your team sits 10 feet or 10 hours away, sketching takes the guesswork out of words. Learn how real-time drawing can instantly unify and orient design and UX discussions.

Render ideas in code

Creating an HTML prototype isn’t as scary as it may seem. Build on your HTML and CSS knowledge — including tags, properties, and syntax — and start coding ideas earlier.

4 Practical Takeaways from Nathan’s Workshop

Techniques to convey ideas clearly
Know when to start, continue, and stop sketching or prototyping.

Sketching tips your whole team can use
Artistic talent isn’t required. Sharpies, brains, and solid judgment are.

Reusable design components
Stop throwing away great ideas just because they’re trapped in deliverables.

Fast HTML prototyping skills
You’ll start coding using a text editor and browser — so bring your laptop

This workshop includes 8+ activities for any skill level

You’ll sketch your design ideas and then bring them to life in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Nathan also will teach you scripting behaviors, plus how to code page layouts, polish high-fidelity styles, and annotate prototypes.

You’ll see how to:

Nathan Curtis
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Nathan Curtis, Principal Prototyper


Nathan Curtis has been swimming in the deep end of the UX pool since 1996, when he started focusing his creative energies on IA, ID, and front-end development.

But what makes Nathan extraordinary isn’t just his 15 years in usability. It’s his vocal leadership in championing faster design techniques — like doing HTML prototyping, reusing patterns and components, and establishing a UX design library — that help teams communicate better.

In fact, his past talks with us sell-out, only to be followed by massively enthusiastic feedback. So who are we to ignore such a man in demand?

Nathan authored Modular Web Design and founded EightShapes in Washington, DC, where he continues to make a splash today. He’s an expert in leading teams, guiding discussions, and demonstrating the power of low-fidelity design techniques — as you’re about to see for yourself.

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