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Essential tools every
designer should have:

  • High quality sketch pad Loaded with different templates so you can sketch out wireframes, produce story board interactions, and draft out your brilliant design ideas. Sketch Pad
  • High-end multi-liner inking pens These waterproof and quick-drying pens are ideal for putting life to your design ideas. These pens come in a variety of widths to meet all your sketching desires. Inking Pens
  • Fine red marker Call out attention to different parts of your sketches with a color that stands out (just like your teacher use to do when grading your homework). Red Marker
  • Toolkit binder With all these great tools you’ll need something to keep them together. This rugged binder will keep all your sketches and tools safe and sound. Binder
  • Mesh bag pen holder Keep all your pens near you and in one place. The mesh bag pen clips onto notebooks, bags, even pants. Think of it as your grab and go pack. Mesh Bag
  • Sharpie This go-to, multi-purpose pen is perfect for drawing just about anything and also helps with adjusting line weight when you outline your sketches with the pen. Sharpie
  • 30% warm gray pen Give your sketches depth and dress it up with a warm gray pen. This pen allows you to create detailed and fluid lines. Plus it’s a versatile dual tipped marker. Warm Gray Pen