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Mobile Design for Enterprise Intranets

James Robertson, Step Two Designs | April 25, 2012 | 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

James’ Full-Day Workshop Agenda


Understanding the 4 types of enterprise mobility

  • The differences between designing for productivity versus connectivity
  • Ways in which mobile access helps people work while in the field
  • Why synchronized mobile devices and tablets are replacing the desktop

Selecting the right mobile experience to design

  • Why duplicating a desktop intranet experience on mobile doesn’t work
  • How to choose data and features that align with what your company needs
  • Communication techniques for setting stakeholders’ UX expectations


The details of designing great mobile intranets

  • Which 6 things will help your staff members do their jobs while on-the-go
  • The guidelines to follow when designing certain actions for touch screens
  • Where to look for UX insights specific to mobile

Creating a mobile enterprise strategy

  • What questions to answer when tasked with “delivering enterprise mobility”
  • Which roadblocks and risks to consider when outlining your strategy
  • How to develop a plan that includes functionality, support, and technology

Uncover Business Needs

See how other companies are using mobile apps, then you’ll learn how they relate to productivity, connectivity, automation, and desktop replacement.

Create a Mobile Strategy

If you’re translating desktop functions to mobile devices and tablets, you’ll need to ask questions first. Learn how to start by planning a mobile strategy.

Design for Work

Once you know how your staff needs to work — and the pros/cons of native v. web — then you can design effectively for enterprise mobility.

Mobile Design for Enterprise Intranets

If you’ve been tasked with designing your company’s mobile experiences, then James’ workshop is for you. Find out what questions to ask to determine which of the 4 types of enterprise mobility you’ll need to design for, then hear the benefits and drawbacks to consider for each.

James will show you that there’s an elegance to great design, especially for enterprise. By following his pragmatic process to identify business needs and simple solutions to address them, you’ll discover that designing for enterprise mobility is actually easier than you thought.

He’ll show you loads of examples of companies using native and web apps to enable work while on-the-go. You’ll be poised to design for intranet access whether for an iPad or the mobile web once you’ve seen how others have mapped their unique business needs to smart mobile experiences.

And after you understand your company’s mobile goals, you’ll need to define a strategic plan for achieving them. You’ll find out how to prioritize simplicity and usability in your design solutions, then communicate with stakeholders to set their expectations accordingly.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Transform how your staff works by using customized mobile experiences.
  • Deliver simple and usable mobile designs that help people do work.
  • Gather concrete ideas to address inevitable risks and roadblocks.
  • Approach, address, and resolve complexities specific to enterprise.
  • Create a strategic plan that’s based on pertinent business needs.
  • Narrow the mobile gap between personal connectivity and enterprise productivity.

James Robertson, Mobile Intranet Master

James Robertson portrait

For some of us, James Robertson’s Aussie accent might pique visions of an exciting outback full of perilous twists and turns. And kangaroos.

But if you happen to consider enterprise mobility synonymous with the outback, then James most certainly is the best guide around.

As the Managing Director of Step Two Designs in Sydney, James helps enterprise companies create awesome intranet experiences on their mobile devices. In fact, he even runs an entire conference on the topic — Intranets2012 — which includes entries for “Best Mobile Intranet” from companies worldwide. (Plus, you’ll get to see some of those entries during this session!)

And it’s totally understandable if you want more of James beyond this workshop. So check out his books, What Every Intranet Team Should Know and Designing Intranets: Creating Sites that Work, or follow him on Twitter @s2d_jamesr.