Jeff Gothelf portrait

Lean UX: A Seasoned Approach to Designing in Agile

Jeff Gothelf, Proof | April 23, 2012 | 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Jeff’s Full-Day Workshop Agenda


Agile and UX: A love story?

  • What is Lean UX and how does it plug into Agile
  • Why producing designs is stronger than producing intermediate deliverables
  • How to surface misunderstandings early, which prevents headaches later

Applying Lean UX to Agile environments

  • How to structure and pace Lean UX design activities in sprints and iterations
  • Techniques for building trust among project teams and stakeholders
  • Methods for asking questions to translate waterfall thinking to Lean UX


Conducting collaborative problem-solving

  • How to organize and run a design studio
  • What UX means to the customer, developer, or product manager
  • Ways to solve design problems using team-driven design activities

Prioritizing and validating UX designs fast

  • Presentation tips for effectively communicating proposed UX solutions
  • Ways to determine which fidelity is necessary for conveying design ideas
  • How to validate design ideas with cross-functional teams with team-driven design activities

Elevate Your Agile Game

Lean UX is perfect for seasoned UX designers trying to make their Agile development teams even stronger. Find out how to make it happen.

Focus on Problems

The days of heavy design specs are ending. Learn to validate if your designs address the problems that end-users need solved.

Be Truly Collaborative

You need your team, and they need you. Get tactics to involve others in a more collaborative, transparent, and dynamic UX and visual-design process.

Lean UX: Validating Designs in Agile

The power of collaborative teams will be a common thread running through this workshop. And given that Jeff is the chief knowledge master of Lean UX, you’ll adapt your UX thinking toward validation rather than documentation while including your team in that evolution, too.

He’ll lead you through several hands-on exercises that demonstrate how people work together in Agile environments. With this understanding, you’ll then be able to incorporate cross-functional collaboration in your UX design activities like design studios, usability studies, and other customer research techniques.

Jeff will then break you into small teams and describe how to use Lean UX techniques for solving design problems. You’ll learn to work transparently with product managers, developers, and decision-makers to develop a shared understanding.

With all of this in mind, you’ll be poised to arrive at a viable design solution faster — that is, once you also know how to validate your design proposals. Jeff will teach you communication techniques for building a shared UX understanding with end-users and project teams.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Reclaim more of your work time to do design instead of documentation.
  • Strengthen relationships with teams, colleagues, stakeholders, and clients.
  • See the primary values that Agile has to offer everyone involved in projects.
  • Arrive at a viable design faster using proven Lean UX techniques.
  • Become the envy of other teams that struggle to adapt their UX thinking.
  • Make your teams truly collaborative, transparent, trusting, and successful.

Jeff Gothelf, The Man Behind Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf portrait

If you’ve ever heard of Lean UX, then you already know Jeff Gothelf. He’s been speaking about the topic, writing a book on it, and enthusiastically championing the practice within Agile environments like

He’s built his renowned career as a UX designer and information architect designing elegant, efficient, and sophisticated products that are used by millions of people via AOL, Webtrends, and Fidelity.

Today, he’s running Proof, a Lean UX consultancy that helps both organizational teams and independent clients get the design solutions that solve real problems. After all, he knows that getting to validated designs faster can make all the difference between success and, well, not success.

And people are listening. Aside from having a standing-room only crowd at the 2011 IA Summit in Denver, Jeff’s UIE virtual seminar on getting out of the deliverables business was sold out.

So, in short: don’t miss him.