UX Immersion Conference in 2013

Join us in Denver
UX Immersion Mobile Conference
April 7–9, 2014

Mapping Your Customer’s Journey

See how your organization’s mobile design works—or doesn’t—within the customer’s
total experience. You’ll orient your team around a shared, comprehensive view of that
user’s journey.

Chris Risdon

Chris Risdon

Workshop Agenda


Diving into experience mapping

  • The context, people, and systems involved in experience mapping
  • What a touchpoint is—and how to identify yours
  • Methods for conducting research on your users’ journey

Mapping with your team

  • Techniques for involving your organization in mapping activities
  • Ways to layer data to tell an engaging story about your users’ journeys
  • The stages, emotions, and channels that affect the quality of a journey

Creating a narrative

  • Types of artifacts and how they support your storytelling
  • Ways to visually represent user data with richness, depth, and detail
  • The sizing, fidelities, and channels that influence your illustration

Applying maps to mobile design

  • How to identify, describe, and measure touchpoints in context of the journey
  • The criteria to vet touchpoints for cross-channel experiences
  • When to plug the touchpoints back into the full user’s journey
4 Practical Takeaways

With Chris as your guide, you’ll be working individually and in small groups to conduct research, create experience maps, identify and illustrate touchpoints, and apply them to the full journey.

Chris Risdon, Treasure Hunter


Rarely will you come across someone who so elegantly balances the human and organizational-goal sides of user-experience strategy. But Chris Risdon is one of those people.

As the lead experience design for Adaptive Path’s in Austin, Chris routinely works with clients to understand (or, dare we say, empathize with) what their users are experiencing whenever they interact online and offline. Those touchpoints drive his experience mapping work, which he champions at workshops around the world.

Chris specializes in information architecture and communication and interaction design. He spends his evenings teaching Interaction Design & Social Entrepreneurship at Austin Center for Design. And because that’s not already enough, he designs typefaces—which you can buy on MyFonts.com and T26.

Chris matches his incredible depth of expertise with a friendly, approachable, and encouraging demeanor that just makes people smile—as you’ll soon learn for yourself. In the meantime, catch him on Twitter @chrisrisdon.

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