UX Immersion Conference in 2013

Join us in Denver
UX Immersion Mobile Conference
April 7–9, 2014

Prototyping for Mobile Designs

Sketch, design, build, and test mobile-design experiences faster. Find the mobile design strategy that works best for your team, organization, and users.

Kelly Goto

Kelly Goto

Workshop Agenda


Adopting mobile design in your organization

  • Which people, processes, and prioritization techniques are involved in mobile design
  • What business, marketing, and product considerations affect your mobile
    design strategy
  • The huge benefits to iteratively prototyping mobile apps or web experiences first

Choosing your prototyping tools

  • When and why to use tools like Balsamiq, Keynotopia, Axure, Easel, or Twitter Bootstrap
  • How to render complex interactions and embrace constraints
  • Design considerations unique to mobile versus desktop prototypes

Prototyping interactions with your team

  • The differences between concept/exploration and modification/interaction views
  • Why prototyping can help you design a great onboarding experience
  • How to capture and communicate specifications with your dev team

Testing your prototypes with users

  • How to execute in-the-field research techniques that get pertinent feedback rapidly
  • Techniques for creating quick documentation, live recordings, and transcripts
  • Ways to lead testing at a desk, via screenshare, remotely, or with TestFlight
4 Practical Takeaways

Prepare to sketch and build simple interactions. With Kelly’s help, you’ll work independently on prototyping a basic project in stages and then conducting field research to elicit feedback on that prototype.

Kelly Goto, Mobile Prototype Champ


Kelly Goto is fascinated by how people adopt products and services in their daily behavior. And as a pioneer of the design ethnography field at her own consultancy, gotomedia LLC, she studies this for clients including Samsung, Nokia, Target, and Wells Fargo.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that prototyping is up her alley. After all, it gives designers the ability to build experiences faster, test them faster, and watch what happens faster—as you’ll soon learn for yourself.

Kelly is recognized globally for helping to design people-friendly interfaces for web and mobile products. She wrote Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow That Works, which many colleges and universities use in their digital curriculum. She also is an instructor and consultant in topics such as Lean processes, emotional UX, design thinking, and “getting unstuck.”

So if you want to learn how to prototype and test mobile experiences from one of the most dynamic and friendliest experts on Earth, then Kelly is just the person you’ve been waiting for.

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