UX Immersion Conference in 2013

Join us in Denver
UX Immersion Mobile Conference
April 7–9, 2014

Designing Intuitive Mobile Inputs

Create mobile-optimized forms and inputs to capture responses from customers. Allow them to interact better with you—and each other.

Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski

Workshop Agenda


Learning which UI works best on mobile

  • The ways traditional web forms can help and hinder mobile data input
  • Examples of specific designs that prevent users from inputting data
  • When to use standard controls for error-tolerant designs—and when to move beyond them

Moving beyond forms and fields

  • Which formats, requirements, and validations help users input data on small screens
  • When and how to optimize layout forms on mobile devices and tablets
  • The characteristics of sequential, non-linear, and in-context form structures

Capturing inputs using new technologies

  • Tips for using the camera, microphone, and other native capabilities
  • Ways to integrate geolocation and orientation as inputs
  • How gestures and touch targets influence UX across platforms

Making the most of native capabilities

  • When and why you could use native technology in your apps
  • Which hardware inputs you can use effectively—and how
  • Examples of designs that capitalize on touch and hardware inputs
4 Practical Takeaways

In the morning, Luke will lead you in full-class and individually based activities on mobile software inputs. You’ll then focus on hardware inputs during afternoon activities.

Luke Wroblewski, Mr. Mobilewski


Luke Wroblewski may need no introduction since he’s the most well-respected, active, and gracious mobile designer on Earth, but we’ll do one anyway.

In his sought-after and consistently sold-out workshops, Luke champions the notion of “mobile design first” to attendees hungry for his domain expertise. He even used this approach to launch his own startup, Bagcheck. (Twitter acquired Bagcheck nine months later.)

Luke is the author of Mobile First, which includes topics you’ll learn in this workshop. He also wrote Web Form Design and Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability, both focusing on the intersection of product and customer experiences across media.

Past attendees rate Luke as a top speaker; they appreciate his frank perspectives on everything from global trends in mobile to detailed implementation techniques. So prepare yourself to hear an informed, balanced approach to designing for mobile and beyond from the best teacher in our industry.

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