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Design as a Business Tool:
From Research to Experience Roadmaps

Jason Ulaszek

Jason Ulaszek

EVP, Customer Experience, Manifest Digital

Length: 90 minutes

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Many a UX designer is challenged to produce a customer experience that drives more money, sign-ups, or pageviews. As a creative, achieving those ideal business outcomes can be daunting.

Well, that is, until you've heard Jason Ulaszek's words of wisdom.

Designers can influence where our organizations spend money and time to gain a stronger customer experience. And Jason has wrapped several of these UX tools and processes into a repeatable framework for designing great customer experiences in a more harmonious way.

Hear how storytelling can provide vital insights that remove politics and create a foundation for artifacts that inform business decisions.

Make a business-decision framework work for design

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  • Conduct the "right" kind of research to answer 3 key questions
  • Inform a longer customer lifecycle using data gathered from research

Utilize research to inform long-term decision making

Change Me

  • Think beyond today's digital products and services
  • Incorporate stakeholders and their feedback without derailing progress

Create a strategic roadmap using design tools

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  • Facilitate discussions about opportunities and actions
  • Prioritize the outcomes of discussions in real-time

Map the design process to the business outcome

Change Me

  • Tell the story of "Why" you are designing the way you are
  • Establish a shared understanding across your team

Register for this seminar if you:

  1. Struggle to connect research, design, and business
  2. Feel like you're spinning your wheels on design process
  3. Want tips on how to better "sell" or communicate your ideas

If you've ever struggled to answer business questions through design, then this seminar is for you.

Why Jason Ulaszek?

Jason Ulaszek

Ever heard of UX for Good? It's an annual social-good design event we absolutely love, and Jason Ulaszek founded it. That marriage of entrepreneurial spirit and UX expertise makes him a sought-after expert on connecting creative with business.

But more than that, he's just a riot. Seriously, this man's energy is matched only by his uncanny ability to describe complex topics in simple terms. (Exceptional, in other words.)

By day, Jason's business acumen comes in handy as EVP of customer experience at Manifest Digital in Chicago, where he leads project teams and raises brand awareness for his clients. He's known for pushing folks to think differently about their opportunities and processes -- and he'll soon inspire you to do the same. He's also an adjunct faculty member in the HCI Masters program at DePaul University, and you'll be referencing his teaching for years to come.

Get brain nuggets from him on Twitter @webbit.

I Want the RECORDING $149

Our team has attended almost all of your seminars. Often the topic of the seminar relates to a current design challenge for us.

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