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Championing Contextual Research in Your Organization

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Steve Portigal

Steve Portigal

Portigal Consulting

Length: 90 minutes

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To the delight of UX designers everywhere, organizations today increasingly conduct user-centered research methods like surveys, focus groups, and usability testing.

But what can we learn beyond the office environment? Isn't user observation among the most powerful UX design research techniques we can do?

Yes! So Steve Portigal will describe the techniques, processes, and discussion points you can use to make it happen in your organization. And once you find out how to quell cultural or budgetary resistance to fieldwork, then you can create more analytical designs that make users jump for joy.

See field research as strong UX design tool

You'll gain user insight before you need it.

  • Identify opportunities to learn about users
  • Conduct specialized interviews beyond just "talking to people"

Advocate for the adoption of contextual research

You'll become a change agent in your organization.

  • Understand how markets and processes relate to one another
  • Discuss benefits and drawbacks for both stakeholders and users

Maximize the organizational impact of any research you do

You'll start to establish research agendas from the get-go.

  • Integrate synthesis and analysis in any approved project
  • Create research outputs that are relevant to your stakeholders

Engage the rest of the organization in contextual research

You'll make your process and outputs more visible.

  • Tackle entrenched belief structures with hands-on techniques
  • Involve teams in identifying patterns and themes

Empower your organization to embrace field research, and you'll be create stronger UX designs. So register for Steve's seminar today!

Why Steve Portigal?

Steve Portigal

Thanks to his endless fascination with culture, Steve has built a career on studying stuff, whether products or people. So it's no surprise that the tagline of his consulting business is "Discover and act on new insights." He is awesome at it!

In fact, Steve has helped companies like Hewlett-Packard, Sony, and Fisher-Price learn about their customers and themselves. His knack for seeing the connections between needs and solutions is a testament to his skill in study design, data analysis, and knowing which questions to ask.

So get ready for his pragmatic techniques for communicating the value of field research in your organization. He's the best teacher around. Check him out @steveportigal on Twitter.

The Next Step Series

Rosenfeld Media

Rosenfeld Media and UIE are teaming up to create a new series of monthly virtual seminars!

The Next Step Series will feature Rosenfeld Media authors covering critical user experience topics just like they do in their Rosenfeld Media books. And by teaming up with UIE, you'll experience the great format and quality production values you've come to expect from our 90 minute-long live seminars.

I Want the RECORDING! $149

You get Lifetime Access to this seminar for your entire organization!

The fact that we could access the archived seminar after the live class was great. My team finds a great deal of value from these seminars. All in all, a great offering.

Elana G.

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