UIE Virtual Seminar Presentation

Users as Information Architects: Is Tagging Right for Your Site?

Joshua Porter

Joshua Porter, User Interface Engineering

Length: 90 Minutes

Price: $129.00 (includes handout)

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Would you like to have lifetime access to the most groundbreaking thinking in the world of Experience Design? Instead of traveling to a training course, you and your colleagues can hear the latest insights on the most important design topics right from your office.

Watching a UIE Virtual Seminar couldn't be simpler. You'll view the presentation in your web browser and listen to it with your computer speakers. (We've tested the seminar using Firefox and Internet Explorer on both Macs and PCs with great success.) All you'll need is a web browser equipped with the Macromedia Flash Player (version 6 or newer) and a connection to the Internet.

Seminar Description

The idea is simple. Just ask users to free-associate words and phrases with every piece of content you have. Soon you have a site organization that’s completely user-driven, making it easy to find everything in a heartbeat. This is ‘tagging’ – letting users decide the categorization of the content on the site. Sounds straightforward, but does it work?

Design teams frequently need to organize thousands and sometimes millions of pages of content.  With so much content, how can these teams go about creating an information architecture that is workable, extensible, and meaningful for the site's users?

Sites like Del.icio.us and Flickr have pioneered the use of tags, demonstrating they their usefulness in several different settings. Even established players, like Amazon and Google, are using them. But, can they be useful in your design?

In this presentation, UIE's Josh Porter talks about the difficult challenge of organizing content on web sites.  He discusses tagging, a new design approach that may help alleviate content challenges by allowing users to organize the information all by themselves.

In this presentation, Josh will discuss:

Josh will show examples from dozens of web sites and talk about uses of tags in all industries.

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A where you'll have the opportunity to ask Josh about your specific design challenges.

Instructor Biography

Joshua is a leading member of UIE's research team and has written extensively on such topics as Web 2.0, Ajax, web standards, and new technologies. Josh shares many of his design thoughts and commentaries on his personal blog: Bokardo.com. Josh is responsible for overseeing the development of the User Interface Engineering's web sites.

Josh received his Master’s degree in Information Technology and his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He brings with him extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of human factors, usability testing, and web site design and development.

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