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Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide

Web Site Usability: A Designer's GuideIf you’re even thinking about designing a web site that people will use to find information, this book’s for you. Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide is a 156-page report based on data from our research. We conducted more than 50 usability tests on nine different web sites. This book describes how well (and poorly) some information-rich sites actually work when people use them to find specific answers.

The results are startling! Many of our findings fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Nowhere else has anyone captured what real users actually do with web sites.

We’ve put this book together to help web site designers get a handle on the real issues they need to be looking for. To that end, we’ve made the book easy to read and filled it with pictures and enlightening commentary. Check it out!

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