Research Reports

The Field Study Handbook:
A Common Sense Approach for Discovering User Needs

Kate Gomoll, Ellen Story Church, and Eric Bond, three of the world's leading experts in field research, have written this 117-page report detailing the entire field study process. From observing and interviewing users in their own environments to analyzing the data, you'll gain the insights necessary to conduct the most effective field research and successfully guide your product development process.

The Designer's Guide to Web Applications: Web Apps Tour 2007 - Learning from Successful Designs

If you’re trying to learn how to develop a web-based application, what do you study? Great web-based applications, of course. As a student of web-based applications, you’ll want to examine the most successful designs and see how the designers solved difficult problems—challenges you might be facing yourself.

In this all-inclusive, 62-page report, Hagan and David Rivers explore the designs of seven of today's most complex, innovative, and thriving web applications. Each application solves hard problems in interesting ways. The designs you’ll encounter on this Web App Tour are guaranteed to give you some ideas when you start to approach your own web apps.

The Designer's Guide to Web Applications, Part I: Structure and Flows

Are you starting to build complex web applications? Do you want to create a solid web app architecture? Do you know how to go from a feature list to a full-fledged application? To help you tackle these design challenges, Hagan Rivers, a pioneer designer of web applications, has written a comprehensive, 54-page report that deconstructs some of today's most complex web applications.

Recruiting Without Fear

How to Find First-Rate Participants for Design Studies

A productive usability test, field study, or focus group starts with having the right people in the room. This comprehensive report describes UIE's methods for getting the ideal participant to your session, to get you started on learning what it takes to create a quality design. You'll learn our proven methods, complete with checklists, calendars, and all the materials you need to recruit top-notch participants.

Designing for the Scent of Information

The Essentials Every Designer Needs to Know About How Users Navigate Through Large Web Sites

Clearly, one of the most proven, time-tested approaches to designing web sites, the Scent of Information is fundamental to understanding how to make your site truly effective for your users. For the first time in print, our research team tells you everything you need to know about the design secrets behind today’s most successful web sites.

Getting Them To What They Want

Eight Best Practices for Getting Users to the Content They Want (and to Content They Didn't Know They Wanted)

Are your users looking for something on your site that they can't find? Have you put valuable content on your site that nobody knows about? Our research has turned up eight best practices that can get users directly to your content. Learn how the best sites organize content. Perfect for both Internet and intranet developers.

Making the Best With Flash™

Five Best Practices for Creating Engaging Content with Macromedia Flash

Are you considering Flash for your site? Do you want to know when it is most effective and when it fails? Our research has turned up five best practices for creating engaging content with Flash. Perfect for anyone currently developing in Flash or is considering it in the future.


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