Getting Them To What They Want

Getting Them To What They Want

Eight Best Practices for Getting Users to the Content They Want (and to Content They Didn't Know They Wanted)

By Erik Ojakaar and Jared M. Spool

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19 pages, October 2001

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Learn the Best Practices for Guiding Users to Your Site's Content

Are you frustrated because your users can't find their desired content? Do you have valuable content on your site your users don't know about? Do you want your users to find your site so valuable that they keep returning?

Erik Ojakaar and Jared M. Spool, two of the experts from User Interface Engineering, share the best practices of sites that consistently get users to the content they want. They have spent hours watching real users work with real web sites and culled the eight best, most successful techniques for connecting your users with your content.

We've packed this easy-to-follow report with practical, hands-on advice plus plenty of examples from live, production web sites. You'll learn exactly what the best sites do to succeed and find out what mistakes to avoid.

  1. Would you believe the best companies actually prevent users from using search?

    It's hard to imagine, but when users go to search, they are significantly less likely to find the content they seek. Why? This report walks you through exactly what happens when a user takes advantage of a search engine and everything goes wrong.

    However, there's hope! We'll show you why the categories on your site are the easiest way for users to find both the information they seek and the valuable content they didn't know you have. We'll show you sites where every user found what they wanted, without ever visiting the search engine.

  2. Learn how the best sites prioritize the real estate on their home page

    What's the difference between PC Connection's site and Well, one site sells a lot more products on impulse. We'll show you how reducing the space dedicated to featured content on your home page actually helps users discover content they didn't know you have.

  3. Are there important secrets buried in your logs?

    From this report, you'll learn the secret of trigger words and how to find them in the data your site is already collecting. Everyday, your users are telling you exactly how to design your site — this report shows you how to interpret what they're saying.

  4. Learn a simple trick that quickly shows your users the value in your site's content

    Chances are, you already have everything users need to find their desired content, and it's just in the wrong place. We'll show you how sites like and use simple tricks to get their users directly to what they want.

And more…

You'll see examples of both good and bad pages, from sites you know like,, and, plus sites you've probably never heard of like,,, and Do you want to build the best site possible? Then, this report is necessary to have!

Are your users looking for something on your site that they can’t find, or not looking for valuable content you want them to find? Our research has turned up eight best practices that can get users directly to your content. - Jared M. Spool, Co-Author of Getting Them To What They Want

We've conducted extensive research to identify these best practices — they're not just the opinions of a Guru or even a Super Guru

Erik, Jared, and the rest of the research team at User Interface Engineering have spent hundreds of hours watching real users search for content on web sites. They've recorded every click, captured every screen. They've combed through megabytes of data, looking for patterns — patterns that separate the best sites from the others.

After William Hudson, a thought leader in the field of usability, read this report, he called it, "A refreshingly practical guide to web site navigation design, based on extensive user observations. Worth every penny."

Until now, this information was only available to design teams spending $20,000 or more

For over 14 years, companies like GE, Sears, Fidelity, Best Buy, and Intuit and organizations like the Harvard Business School, Internal Revenue Service, and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics have hired us to learn exactly what you're about to learn. We now want to make sure everyone who wants to build the best sites has all the information they need. That's why we've published this report. And, it's only $24.99! (An unlimited site license is available for $89.99!)

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