In order to deliver high-quality information to development teams, User Interface Engineering conducts original research on all aspects of web site and product usability. Our in-depth research on usability issues provides the foundation for our publications, training programs, and coaching services.



UIE hosts a slew of industry-leading conferences, as well as our Virtual Seminar series, designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence necessary to tackle your biggest design and implementation challenges.

UIE Coaching

User Interface Engineering's expert researchers have more than 15 years of experience testing products. UIE's Coaching will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to assess your web sites, web applications, and GUI applications.

UIE's Coaching Service will enable your organization to quickly determine whether your sites and products are working effectively for users and pinpoint where dramatic improvements can be made. For pricing details, please email us at

On-Site Courses

Our experienced instructors can bring out training offerings directly to your entire development team at your location, offering convenience, team building, and an in-depth focus on your specific business design challenges.

To learn more about our on-site courses and how to bring us to your organization, please contact

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