Web and Email Developer – Remote, Paid, Six-Month Fellowship

We’re looking for someone to drive our web and email development efforts. We have the perfect position for anyone looking for their first web development job. Career changers and non-traditional students are welcome!

During this paid fellowship, you’ll handle many business-critical responsibilities. You’ll be the driving force behind every marketing email. You’ll update our websites and pages with new content. In addition, you’ll create new marketing automation and workflows to create an excellent customer experience. Finally, you’ll apply your strong HTML and CSS skills to make our designs look crisp.

You’ll have opportunities to sandbox in our environment and expand your skills as a front-end web developer.

We’re a leader in user experience design, and everyone expects our designers to be role models. Your keen eye for detail and diligence in getting things just right will make us (and you) look great. (This ability of yours is something your future employers will love.)

We will set you up for success. We have frequent meetings on how to document your work so you can apply it to your resume. In addition, we’ll help you work on your resume, cover letter, and other aspects of your future job search.

From day one, we will value your input and ideas. You’ll participate in marketing and design meetings and our live, online customer sessions.

That’s just the first three months.

You’ll be busy mastering every facet of our marketing production for the first three months. However, things take off in the second half of the six-month fellowship.

While you’re still supporting our marketing production, we’ll work with you to identify a project or two you can call your own. The project will be something that extends our marketing and sales capabilities. For example, it could be a new set of client-facing pages, a new way to interact with our services, or an internal tool that makes us even more productive.

You’ll take this project from definition through delivery. And when your six-month fellowship is complete, you can share with every new potential employer how you made this happen. You’ll take the code with you, and the designs will go into your portfolio. So, that’s our thank you for the great work you’ve done.

You’ll collaborate with the team over Zoom and interact with team members on Slack. You’ll screen your screen and lead meetings. You’ll build up your leadership and project development skills.

This is a launching pad for your web development career.

You’ll see how our business runs. You’ll learn about our technology stacks. You’ll learn about UX design. You’ll interact with APIs and third-party applications.

You’ll learn about the hiring process to bring in our next fellow to take over for your position. You’ll teach that new fellow what you’ve learned (and you’ll learn new things when you teach them).

When you’re ready to find your next job, you can proudly talk about everything you’ve learned and how quickly you picked it up. Savvy hiring managers are always looking for fast learners.

This is a real, paying job

You’ll be an integral part of the team. We’ll pay you a wage of $17.50/hour for 40 hours a week. We also give paid holidays and five days of paid time off.

We will provide you with a laptop and the software you need to do your work.

It’s a remote position, so that you can be anywhere. However, we conduct our work from 8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern Time in the U.S. You need to be working those hours to meet our deadlines and quick-turnaround assignments.

You need to be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident, or have permission to work in the U.S. This is a temporary position. We do offer paid healthcare insurance.

We need someone just like you.

We mean it when we say Center Centre – UIE is an equal opportunity employer.

We constantly strive to build a team that reflects the people we serve and a workplace that nurtures and empowers unique identities and experiences. We are committed to advancing equity in a tech industry that has often fallen short.

We strongly encourage applications from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), women, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented individuals in the tech industry across color, religion, race, ethnic and national origin, physical ability, economic background, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital status, genetic information, age, parental status, military service, and sexual orientation. Do you think of yourself as any of these? We want to meet you.

Want this Fellowship? We need to talk.

We’re looking for several fellows right now—one to start immediately and one to start in the next few months.

The interview process involves meeting with our current fellows and several others on our team. We’ll ask many questions about what you’ve learned and how you learned it. After all, this is a learning job, and you must be good at learning new things.

There are no “gotcha” questions or whiteboard exercises. We care about your skills. We may ask you to do a little sample project so that we can see how you tackle challenges. (We’ll only do that after getting to know each other a bit, so you can decide whether it’s worth your efforts.)

We’re ready to meet you. Are you ready to meet us?

Click to learn more about the fellowship and apply if you think it’s a great opportunity. We’ll get back to you quickly. We’ll hop on a call and start the process if you’re what we’re looking for.

How does that sound?