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About the Internship

Are you our next amazing intern? Are you excited to roll up your sleeves and do the actual work you hope to learn more about? UIE’s intern program is designed to immerse you in our day-to-day activity, get you to learn by doing, and see the immediate effects of your efforts. Our paid internships—onsite in North Andover, MA—are 6 months in duration. We take our internships seriously, and promise you’ll be kept busy honing your craft. There’s no cleaning the coffee maker or licking of envelopes. Though, we do ask you to stock the Rockstar Energy drink in the fridge. To be clear, it’s not a foot in the door for a permanent gig at UIE. We’re committed to unleashing you on the world to go make great things.
Interns together
Past UIE interns attending the UI20 conference in Boston.

See what our past interns have to say:

2019 Interns

Ricardo De Jesus Spring 2019 #

Web Developer Current: Available
  • Developed scenarios and sketches for a landing page that will serve Jared’s Talks
  • Created “UX Strategy with Jared Spool” newsletter email templates
  • Created “UX Strategy with Jared Spool” newsletter sign up page
  • Designed and documented “UX Strategy with Jared Spool” distribution
“This internship has given me an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment. I have participated in the hiring process, marketing strategies and even helped change the workflow of future interns. This internship not only prepared me to become a web developer, but it also gave me the knowledge to help propel a business forward.”

2018 Interns

Nelson Huezo Winter 2018 #

Front-End Web Developer Current: Isovera
  • Had a major role in updating/building the promotional site and email creation for UI23 Conference
  • Created and updated the materials page for UI23 Conference
  • Re-designed email templates
  • Built an ‘Event-Awareness’ feature for Playbook and AYCL events and updates
  • Participated in usability testing and research for the UIE Job Board beta site
“I started as an intern soon after finishing up the Web Development Immersive program at General Assembly. I really got a lot more out of this internship than I originally anticipated. I gained the confidence that I needed to prove to myself that I belong in the web development field and to be a valuable asset for an organization. The environment at UIE could not have been better for me because the culture truly was about growing and learning. I will forever be grateful for the experiences that I have gained during my time at UIE.”

Mike Kelley Fall 2018 #

Web Developer I Current: Olympus Corporation
  • Built email campaign success analysis/visualization tool utilizing JQuery and D3
  • Designed and prototyped seminar Group Discussion
  • Assisted in promotional site and email creation for UI23 Conference
“The oppurtunity this internship presented after having just finished a Front End Web Development bootcamp could not have been more perfect. My time here allowed me to build the skill and confidence I needed to attain my first full time web development position. Everything I did at UIE was an invaluable learning experience, starting with the challenging interview process. The office environment at UIE was a treat, everyone was encouraging, knowledgeable, and helpful and I always felt comfortable offering my opinion or asking a question. I remember pouring over this exact website when deciding if this is an opportunity I should pursue, I would 100% encourage anyone reading this in a similar scenario to go for it, it’ll be a great decision.”

Mark Swinimer Spring 2018 #

Web Developer Current: Available
  • Designed and developed UIE’s new WordPress home page while collaborating with a team of developers and designers
  • Participated in usability testing for the new UIE home page and used the observations and analysis to make project decisions
  • Updated conference websites using the templating language Statamic and Git Workflow
  • Created multiple new html email templates
“I have learned more in the past months at UIE than I ever could have anticipated. The team at UIE was incredibly supportive and provided a workplace which encouraged learning, critique and collaboration. I was able to develop and lead several projects that are live today. The experience I have gained has given me a ton of confidence and a host of projects to talk about and add to my portfolio and resume. I was also pleasantly surprised by email marketing, in that I learned a ton about marketing and actually enjoyed the challenges creating html emails provides.”

2017 Interns

Spencer Stone Fall 2017 #

Front-End Web Developer Current: Pure Hockey
  • Built and updated Save the Date page for the UI23 conference
  • Participated in cross-browser and cross-client compatibility testing for HTML email campaigns, specifically ensuring Outlook compliancy
  • Helped build procedures and walkthroughs for future intern responsibilities
“Working at UIE has been an exceptional opportunity and has greatly exceeded my expectations. The team at UIE was welcoming and encouraging from day one. They provided me with a great learning opportunity that helped me to gain experience designing, developing and cross collaborating with colleagues. My experience has helped me to expand my understanding of this industry and to build a skillset that I can take with me to future roles. The knowledge I gained goes far beyond just designing and coding. It has helped me to discover strengths, weaknesses and interests that I was previously unaware of. The UIE internship program has equipped me with the confidence and skills I needed to build a career as a developer. I would absolutely recommend this program without hesitation.”

Jonathan Braun Summer 2017 #

UX Designer Current: Bullhorn
  • Developed and designed templates for the All You Can Learn Library’s email campaigns
  • Built and updated UI22 conference pages
  • Participated in usability and QA testing for the All You Can Learn beta site
“I am so appreciative of my time as an intern at UIE. This was truly an incredible learning experience, and accelerated my growth as a developer and designer exponentially. The entire team at UIE was encouraging and supportive throughout my tenure and always placed a premium on my learning, recommending a steady supply of resources to further expand my knowledge base. UIE was a great stepping stone for me in beginning my career in web development and design. It was a privilege to be a part of the team and the hands-on experience I gained was invaluable.”

Miguel Cepeda Spring 2017 #

Front-End Web Developer Current: Available
  • Built tool to track inactive email subscribers using PHP and Mailchimp’s API
  • Conducted user research for, designed, and developed new email newsletter signup page
  • Redesigned several HTML email campaigns including those marketing podcasts
“Working as an intern at UIE/Center Centre has been an exceptionally enriching experience for me. From the moment I started, I was continually given the opportunity to further my learning and hone my skills in many areas of web design and development, from designing templates for email marketing campaigns to manipulating large data sets on the back end. I instantly felt like a member of the company making contributions and offering input that made an impact. The team cultivates an environment that genuinely makes you feel at home and is constantly supporting your own professional development even after you’ve left. It was a great honor and a pleasure for me to have been a part of the team. I recommend this opportunity to anyone who is looking to get a solid foot in the door into the world of web design and development and establish some great connections along the way.”

Terri Snowball Winter 2017 #

Designer & Developer Current: H.H. Brown Media Lab
  • Designed and developed email campaign to market upcoming events/conferences
  • Built out UIE privacy policy web page
  • Designed “Best of 2016” UX Thought of The Day email, as well as several All You Can Learn Library emails
“I can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity to intern at UIE/Center Centre. Not only did I spend each day learning new skills and bettering my craft, but I got to spend my time with truly quality people. The support and time the team spends ensuring their interns get the optimal experience and tools they need to succeed in their future careers is tremendous. My time at UIE gave me a new and more advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, Git, email design and marketing, web development skills, and so much more. I was able to gain confidence in myself, as well as my abilities, and I was able to really grow my passion for continuous learning. My experience as an intern at UIE has embedded in me an excitement for my future career, the ability to recognize the kind of team and work environment I prosper in, the skills to further my career, and friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.”

2016 Interns

Christine Moses Fall 2016 #

Marketing Operations Manager Current: Center Centre, Inc.
  • Created the “Adventures in UX Design” blog and email newsletter
  • Developed a retargeting ad campaign for the All You Can Learn library
  • Built conference materials and feedback pages for the UI21 event
“My internship experience at UIE was valuable from beginning to end. They provided an environment that encouraged me to learn on a daily basis and gave me with the support and resources I needed to grow my skills. I was able to tailor the internship to my areas of interest and in a way that would best benefit my career.   The experience I gained went far beyond coding to include user experience design, visual design, digital marketing, contact resource management, and content strategy. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with and learn from this great team. I recommend UIE’s internship program without reservation.”

Craig Dickson Spring 2016 #

Front End Web Developer Current: Available
  • Created UIE Chimp, a Mail Chimp time series research appliction built on Reactjs and Redux
  • Designed and implemented a landing page to test a new conversion avenue for the All You Can Learn Virtual Seminars
  • Participated in usability testing of the All You Can Learn homepage
“UIE gave the opportunity to explore my passion and build a full stack JavaScript application from scratch. From design to deployment, I was given generous support and guidance from the experts working at the company. In addition to expanding my knowledge of Front-end Web Development, I was able to improve my design and marketing skills by participating in email design and copy writing. I believe the internship offers something for everyone, especially if you’re driven and willing to learn.”

Michelle Casey Winter 2016 #

Tech Consultant Current: Paytronix
  • Designed an email template generation program with pug, sass, and grunt
  • Successfully redesigned and deployed the Resources and Events email
  • Identified inefficiencies and optimized the intern on-boarding process
“This internship at UIE exceeded my expectations. I gained practical experience with front-end development, working with live servers, and best practices techniques in both coding and UI standards. I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to do after this internship when I started, but my time here gave me the opportunity to discover not only what interests me, but the necessary steps to get there. I had ample resources and advice from the whole team, and I leave here grateful for the whole experience.”

2015 Interns

Kara Ebrahim Fall 2015 #

Technical Web Designer Current: HubSpot
  • Designed the Podcast Network logo
  • Redesigned and updated a few AYCL pages
  • Redesigned Article and Podcast emails
“I can’t speak highly enough of my internship experience at UIE. I was immediately thrust into a position where I was coding, designing, and troubleshooting every day, which vastly exceeded my expectations. My skills have increased and improved exponentially over these past few months, and I feel very well-prepared to apply these skills in any kind of setting. I was hoping this internship would provide a stepping stone to another job, but I did not anticipate just how much I would learn, how much I would be trusted to accomplish, and how bloated my resume and portfolio would become.   If you’re serious about pursuing goals, overcoming obstacles, and making strides in this industry, then your first step should be an internship at UIE.”

Sammy Kumar Spring 2015 #

Sr. AEM Developer Current: GM Financial
  • Created “Meet the Interns” page
  • Established checklists and walkthroughs for all intern duties
  • Assisted in creating new UIE newsletter
“My time at UIE was a fantastic start to my career. This opportunity taught me technical, marketing, and business skills. The environment was welcoming and conducive to learning everyday. The people I worked with offered great advice in all aspects of my intern tasks. I am extremely glad to have been part of the UIE team.”

Ema Loftis Winter 2015 #

Front End Web Developer Current: 829 Studios
  • Learned how to build HTML emails
  • Automated Thought of the Day process
  • Attended my first industry conference
“My internship at UIE helped me develop a personal workflow while also giving me enough room to explore what interested me. From day one, UIE treated me like part of their family and it really made a difference. UIE gave me the experience I needed to get an entry level job before my internship ended but they also helped me gain the confidence I needed to do well in my new job. Without my internship, it probably would have taken me several years to figure out my career path and even longer to become confident in my own abilities.”

2014 Interns

Kaitlyn Carcia Fall 2014 #

Project Manager Current: Red Hat
  • Restructured mailing list subscription forms to give users more control over which emails they receive
  • Wrote and executed several QA test plans for conference websites and All You Can Learn
  • Collaborated with several UIE stakeholders to make UI changes and use the MailChimp API to prepare the UX Thought of the Day landing page and Tumblr for launch
“I am beyond thankful to have had the opportunity to work at UIE, especially for one particular reason: the people. Working on a cross-functional team of people with different roles and diverse perspectives was so enriching to me. I did real, challenging work and learned from books, podcasts, and conversations every day. I left UIE having gained technical skills, a thirst to learn more, and, most importantly, confidence. My time at UIE has left me excited for the future and eager to be a part of a team as engaged, hard-working, and productive as the team at UIE.”

Joe Martucci Winter 2014 #

UI Web Developer Current: EF
  • Built a Mailchimp API interface in node.js.
  • Redesigned some older emails to be responsive
  • Created new, reusable designs for the UI19 emails
“I came into the internship at UIE looking to move from a completely different career (biotech) into web development, and things couldn’t have worked out better. It was a great environment to learn in, I was immersed in the latest and greatest ideas in design and development, and I was given the time to explore my own interests while learning more about web development practices.”

2013 Interns

Doris Wong Fall 2013 #

Courseware Developer Current: SAI Global
  • Started the design of the double opt-in email subscription process
  • Redesigned the Virtual Seminar email templates
  • Gained confidence to take risks
“It was one of the best internship experiences I’ve had, especially as someone who was in a career transition. New skills I learned that were essential was Git, grids for responsive design, and user experience methodology. With a small agile team, it was a great collaborative environment and I was always learning. The folks there truly care about each other and that’s what I miss most about them.”

Dmitriy Gabriel Spring 2013 #

Front End Developer Current: Registria
  • Cultivation of discipline and dependability at work – I learned I can be counted on to ask the right questions, learn the necessary skills, and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Built out pages for the conference recordings.
“I felt very welcome and comfortable during my tenure with UIE. The internship was well thought-out to give its interns daily exposure to a number of important technologies and skillsets, including version control, HTML5/CSS3, and email marketing. They also supported and helped set me up for success for my move across the country after the internship ended.”

Brian McCarthy Winter 2013 #

UI UX Current: CyberGrants
  • UI18 event pages, promotional emails, and the conference itself.
  • Assisted in transition of templates and databases from Constant Contact to MailChimp!
  • Assisted in creation of All You Can Learn website
“From the beginning, it was one of the most intense application processes I had or have been through—and well worth it. In fact, every application and interview process since has seemed a breeze in comparison. In my time with UIE, I learned many skills; I mastered the “Dark Arts” of the HTML email; I sat in and participated in usability tests of the new AYCL website, followed by KJ Method sessions; and I was introduced to the wonders of true responsive design, Twitter Bootstrap, Git, and best practices such as clean, slim CSS and the use of HTML entities at all times. The entire team helped me refocus my developed skills from other talents into tools for UX and UI. The whole gang at UIE does such a tremendous job of developing a real feeling of family that it’s a hard place to leave. However, I am happy to say that I’ve been able to pay it forward by utilizing my gained knowledge to enhance the processes and tool sets of every agency, company, or small creative boutique I have worked for since. I consider myself the winner of a lottery.”

2012 Interns

Hannah Moore Fall 2012 #

Front End Engineer Current: Verndale
“UIE was a great place for me to start out. I am still very appreciative that they took a chance on me when I was just starting out. I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere at UIE and the fact that there was a general focus on researching industry best standards. One time I got to sit in on a usability test and afterwards we all brainstormed on it using the KJ method with tons of post-its. It was cool to get to be part of that. I also got to reconstruct a website as part of a court case. Since the website no longer existed I had to use the wayback machine to figure out what it used to look like, so it was a mixture of web development and detective work, which was a lot of fun. I learned a lot working at UIE (Git, Basecamp and WordPress among other things) and since leaving they have been extremely helpful with recommendations and references for new jobs.”

How to apply

Send us the following to apply for our next internship:
  1. Your resume.
  2. Please send us or point us to samples of your ability to hand code HTML and CSS.
  3. A half-page write up of your most significant web development accomplishment. (Don’t forget this. Most do.)
While we’re less concerned with your skills and qualifications, we won’t compromise on your ability to deliver team results. You might even want to check out our web sites for some insight into our current efforts. We think you’ll be excited by where we are today and the challenge to get us where we’re going. You will work in our North Andover offices. (Sorry, we don’t hire remote employees, or those not already in the United States.) We’ll provide all the equipment you need, including Apple hardware and Mac software to bring out the best in your talents and skills. We’d like our next intern working 30 to 40 hours per week, but we will offer flexibility to the right candidate. Send your resume and write-up to: WebDevInternJob AT uie DOT com.